Publised. 20/07/2021

What a month long yoga can do to your body?


Aniruddha Ganguly

If flexibility and stability are what you are looking for, yoga should be your choice. Yoga can help you lose weight, develop muscle, and can help you lead a balanced lifestyle. So, the question is, how much can yoga change you in a month? Now, do not expect me to tell you that you will be losing 10 kg in a month through yoga. It won't magically happen unless you pair it with a good and healthy diet. Every form of exercise needs dedication.

With regular practice, yoga can provide you with various health benefits. But in a month, you can surely notice the toning of your muscles. You would also start noticing that you are getting more amount of energy in a day. Your sleep schedule would also get back on its track because with regular yoga, you tend to maintain a healthy lifestyle too. Yoga also improves your mental health, as meditation is a part of it. And not just mental health, yoga improves your physiological and psychological state of mind. It has immense health benefits too. There are so many yoga asanas for every aspect of your health. Diabetes? Back Pain? Menopause? Name it, and yoga can cure it all. Do not expect any adverse health change in your life in a month, though. Yoga, in a month, can bring the goodness that will stay with you forever - if, of course, it is regularly maintained.

So, please, do not expect unworldly changes in just a month give yourself some time. Have patience and grow yourself.