Publised. 30/11/2021

Live sessions Vs. Pre-recorded sessions

Live sessions Vs. Pre-recorded sessions


Shruti Sinha

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc all over the world. It happened to make us more confined in our homes, which led to an increasing demand of adjusting ourselves towards the online mode of learning in every aspect. All our outdoor activities were sabotaged, mainly our fitness routines.Therefore, this is where we got an opportunity to incline ourselves towards digital learning to keep ourselves fit and healthy. This form of learning made the lives of people easier as they got inculcated with all the insightful information without stepping outside of their homes.

However, if we talk about digital learning for the purpose of yoga and fitness, it is produced from the two main aspects. They are Live sessions and Pre-recorded sessions. So you must be thinking which one of them is more effective? And the answer is, Live sessions. Because live sessions tend to engage the viewers by making the session interactive and can resolve their queries immediately by taking feedback from them. Whereas, Pre-recorded sessions cannot provide you that option. In this respect, Health Highway can be witnessed as a game changer for you as it is like an 'Uber for Yoga', which provides live sessions conducted by professional yogis who will willingly track your postures and movements and will also solve your queries immediately. But unfortunately, pre-recorded sessions are unable to provide you with such vivid assistance and interactive sessions.

Another factor is timeliness, if the specific session is covering topics which can change spontaneously. Then, live sessions are perfect for that. Because in the actual time you are disseminating accurate knowledge to the viewers. On the other hand, viewing pre-recorded sessions feeds you old information which cannot keep you up to date. Live sessions at Health Highway are cost efficient and will keep you updated and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

According to research, a lot of people face injuries while performing yoga due to the practice of wrong yoga postures which can exacerbate the health of a particular person by creating unpleasant circumstances. However, Health Highway is very particular about its live sessions, where you can find certified trainers who will inculcate you with rightful postures and will also corroborate in mitigating health related problems.

Therefore, fitness is something which plays a very crucial role in keeping us healthy. If you have an urge to keep your body fit, lose weight or to inculcate yourself with the insightful knowledge about how to intake a nutritious diet and mitigate the health related issues. Then, Health Highway can provide the solutions to all your queries. As it tends to provide you a digital platform to connect you with professional yogis through live sessions. If you haven't booked our pocket friendly sessions till now. Then what are you really waiting for? Go and get yourself a healthy routine now! 

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