Publised. 06/07/2021

Is technological advancement beneficial in Health and Yoga


Aniruddha Ganguly

The present world is moving towards brilliance in technological innovation. Artificial Intelligence is being used everywhere, and scientists have even brought about a full-fledged revolution in the field of robots. Robots are being hired in various domains of health and fitness too. Let us take the example of Yoga. Can a mere robot help me perform the most difficult asanas out there? That's where the problem lies. Can Robots be used in the field of Health and Fitness?

I think there as there are two sides of a coin, there can be two versions of this. One version can point out the good, one version the bad. I will start with the good points even though there aren't many. Engaging Robots in activities, such as yoga, might help you in curbing down your dependencies, agreed. It will also be of immense help as in the case that your human trainer might fall sick for weeks, but your robot would seldom need time off for regular maintenance. Adding to the list, you would get to see live heart rate of yours while performing those asanas.

But that's it, right? Now the pitfalls. In India, not everyone is an Ambani. Finance matters. And getting a smart robot to yourself might end up in costs that can buy you two top models of Mercedes G-Class, or, MET Gala dresses of a year. While you perform yoga, you seek intimacy and confidence from your trainer. You would want them to know your capabilities and your lifestyle. Beat me by saying that "you can always feed this information in a robot", but time matter my friend and so does your expectations. Plus there is always a risk that errors might happen. Also, who knows if someone is spying on you because hacking today is as easy as searching for a packet of Lays. Moreover, the risk of Artificial Intelligence gaining awareness and perceptions and then taking over humans seems like a Utopian concept but is proven that it is possible.

The risks of technological advancements are huge as it affects the personal life of every individual living in this planet. Growth and development are necessary but health is one aspect that should not require the help of technology. One must be aware of their surroundings and health. One must know that health as a concept is humane enough to not be dependent on technology.