Publised. 22/06/2021

International Yoga Day Celebration with Ryan International School, Noida

Yoga: A Journey from Pain to Gain


Aniruddha Ganguly

21st June 2021 marks the 7th chapter of International Yoga Day. On the morning of 21st June 2021, the children of Ryan International School, Noida Extension, were greeted by the team of Health Highway for a session on Yoga. The session was titled - Piece to Peace: Yoga for Stress. This interactive online session was conducted to mark the occasion of International Yoga Day.

This event was conducted to spread awareness about Yoga and its benefits to the youth. The main aim of this event was to help the youth combat stress and anxiety. Yoga helps benefit the body mentally, physically, psychologically and physiologically. Classes 6 to 8 had participated in this initiative. The event started with an introduction where Yoga, from its baseline, was made understood to students. A video was also played which introduced Health Highway to the students. Students were also allowed to ask questions in case they felt difficulty comprehending. Amrita Tomar and Sandeep Thapariyal from the Health Highway team taught students few basic asanas and pranayam postures. The faculty members at Ryan International School were also very cordial and welcoming. The event was concluded with warm regards by the honourable Principal, Mrs Seema Kasumra, of the esteemed institution.

The session received extremely positive remarks. This online session proved to be notably relevant as this initiative was taken for the students, the very youth, who are confined to their homes and are being subjected to stress and anxiety. This event, in its total relevance, has helped students to understand the worth of mental and physical fitness.

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