Publised. 11/08/2021

Importance of doing Yoga under Certified Instruction


Lavitra Garg

While searching online for a solution to your daily fitness, you may have come across a string of YouTube videos about new Yoga and fitness routines. These videos are informative, the people teaching appear fit, and you can always watch it again later. With all of these benefits in cue, why would anyone pay for a Yoga class when you can practice Yoga for free by watching videos on the internet.

Practicing Yoga with an instructor in person is much different from practicing it alone by watching a manual or training video. One cannot learn how to fly a plane by watching a pilot training video; you need to practice and learn from a personal teacher. It is the same with Yoga - an instructor is necessary to practice it correctly.

There are many benefits to having a Yoga instructor. A Yoga teacher plays a vital role in shaping the learning experience of the student. Firstly, having an instructor will significantly increase the benefits of doing exercise. Yoga is a demanding physical activity. There are hundreds of different yoga poses, all of which require precise control and technique. If not performed correctly, it will benefit you and cause serious health issues like slip discs, ankle sprains, stiff necks, or muscle pulls.

Secondly, even if you are cautious and avoid injury early on, you will not get the most out of the Yoga exercise without correct instruction. Precise control is required to get the most out of each Yoga pose. Bending the elbow by 85 degrees instead of a perfect 90 may lead to inefficient returns. A certified teacher can notice such minute details as you practice and help you perfect them to get the maximum from each Yoga pose.

Finally, a Yoga instructor can be a constant source of motivation when you are just starting with your fitness. Initially, while practicing, it can be frustrating and challenging to establish a routine. Yoga coaches with years of experience can recommend the proper techniques to follow in your early Yoga days, the changes to incorporate as you become better, and finally, to ensure that you stick up with it for a long time.

The critical thing to remember here is to have a 'certified' instructor. A drowning man cannot save himself, let alone anyone. These days every Tom, Dick, and Harry claims to have certification. Years of training are required to become certified. Having a lousy coach is much worse than having no coach or even not doing Yoga. Good Yoga routines performed under poor instruction can do more harm than any Good.

All effort without any direction is a waste of time. A proper teacher can help harvest that effort by providing the right direction.