Publised. 04/04/2021

5 reasons to choose Yoga over Gym

Yoga is Fun if done


Lavitra Garg

Recently you had an alarming revelation when you saw the number on your weighing machine when you were taking your weight. Or you just found out that your favourite dress no longer fits you. You need to do something about your health, how about joining a gym to work out? But have you heard about its much older cousin - Yoga. You will be surprised by the numerous benefits it offers.

Yoga or Gym is a question that boggles every new fitness enthusiast. Both follow different styles and approaches towards fitness. Gym sessions focus on rigorous exercise directed towards muscle building and burning calories, while Yoga is the complete package for physical and psychological wellness. Here are some reasons that will prove that Yoga is much better - especially if you have just started focusing on your body fitness.

Firstly, Yoga routines are much simpler and convenient, making them much easier to follow when you are getting used to a new daily routine. You don't need any fancy equipment to practice Yoga - a simple yoga mat or a relatively clean floor is all you need to start practicing different asanas. There is no need to go anywhere and, the whole routine will be over in no time. So there are no excuses for skipping a day.

Secondly, Yoga routines refresh your body rather than exhaust it. For regular gym-goers, muscle sores, aches, and injuries are part of the routine. They will even justify the sores by telling you no pain- no gain. Yoga is conducted at a much slower pace and works the muscles out gently. So there is a lot of 'gain' and absolutely 'no pain' (Brilliant isn't it?).

Thirdly, Yoga benefits the body both internally as well as externally. Stretching and bending different muscles boosts the circulatory system, lymph nodes, and many more body systems. Thus, Yoga not only benefits your external body and muscles but also takes care of your internal organs.

Fourthly, Yoga also takes care of your mental fitness. Going to the Gym can be very stressful with all the strain your body goes through to burn fat and build muscle. Yoga exercises instead relieve your muscles and reduce stress levels. People who practice Yoga regularly often lead more peaceful lives. Reduced stress and anxiety improves your concentration thus, benefiting your health as a whole.

Finally, Yoga benefits last much longer. Yoga routines don't aim to reduce your weight quickly or provide you instant results. That's the aim of rigorous Gym workouts which, can cause immense strain on your body. More seriously, it can lead to dangerous withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Most people often stop going to the Gym when they feel they have achieved their "superficial" body, and not surprisingly, their body returns to its unfit self after few weeks. With Yoga, however, it is different. Most people don't see it as a burden and find it much easier to follow it regularly and make it a part of their daily routine.

In the end, Yoga is much more than a workout to give you a physical look. It is a more mature way of approaching your fitness. And it can be just as challenging and exciting as spending an hour at the Gym. While both practices are good in their ways, heading off to the Gym can feel like a task, Yoga, however, will feel like you're giving yourself a treat.

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