Publised. 25/06/2021

5 Reasons for Children to follow Yoga

Yoga: A Journey from Pain to Gain


Sejal Agarwal

With rising competition and busy parents in a fast-paced world, children might encounter social, emotional and physical challenges which can take a toll on their health. When children practice Yoga at an early age, they learn techniques for relaxation and mindfulness which encourages healthy lifestyle. Yoga brings patience and stillness which helps in better management of the life situations. It not only encourages mental wellness but also the physical strength.

Yoga helps the children connect with themselves and the nature that surrounds them. As the early yogis were close to nature, the yoga asanas were influenced by the animals around. For instance, Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) strengthens the spine and it makes one feel like a snake having long spine with no arms and legs. Similarly, Simhasana (Lion Pose) helps release stress and stretches facial muscles. It also makes one feel powerful like a lion meanwhile teaching them to express themselves. And the list goes on …

Yoga improves the overall well-being. And here are the main 5 reasons for the children to follow Yoga:

1. Improves Concentration Level – Practicing Yoga asanas daily helps the children to focus on achieving the particular pose and maintain the balance. As a result, this practice becomes a habit and comes to regulation in other aspects of life as well, like education, sports, etc. This leads them to concentrate well while studying, resulting in better academic performances. For instance, breathing exercises brings their notice to every breath, helping to increase the concentration level. Stay in Present!

2. Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence – With competitiveness around and the added social pressures, children tend to lose confidence in themselves and experiencing anxiety, fear, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Yoga teaches them to be patient and work towards the goal. Mastering a pose gives them confidence and a sense of self-worth. Daily practice encourages self-esteem and help them regain the faith in their capabilities. Trust yourself! : )

3. Enhances Strength and Flexibility – Yoga is a spiritual activity and a physical exercise as well. It strengthens the muscles, making the body flexible and feel less tired. The child becomes aware of the body and its functions while stretching various muscles. This not only improves physical fitness but also benefits the mental well-being indirectly by bringing awareness to both mind and body. The awareness technique promotes holistic wellness by helping in different aspects of life. Be fit, Be strong!

4. Sound Sleep – Maintaining Sleep Hygiene is very important. It is the term used to describe good sleep habits. A national survey in U.S. stated that over 55% of people who did yoga experienced better sleep and over 85% said yoga helped reduce stress. Considerate research is done and it suggests that good sleeping habits help in dealing with stress. Inadequate sleep affects one’s productivity levels, resulting in low concentration levels. Yoga promotes longer and quality sleep, thereby increasing energy levels. Sleep right and tight!

5. Refines Balance and Coordination – Balancing is one of the key elements of Yoga. It teaches the child to be stable and calm while handling a difficult situation. The physical balance from a particular pose gives them a sense of accomplishment and they also learn to coordinate their body with their mind. This promotes the overall growth and development. Live a balanced life!

Yoga is beneficial to the children of all ages. So, let’s be more responsible towards the future of our country and guide them towards a healthy lifestyle. Health Highway aims to provide holistic wellness through Yoga with our professional instructors and dieticians with a belief in healthy lifestyle. Health highway invites you to join the program that will benefit your child effectively and efficiently.

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